We tutor your Spanish or English Skills regardless of Your Own Language

Nury Lara-Niebles

Nury Lara-Niebles

Nury Lara having a coffee with two students of her
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MLW is a personalized provider of language and culture training services.

We bridge language gaps and empower communication by delivering comprehensive classes for Spanish and English learners.

Who is MLW for?

For anyone who wants to master their English or Spanish skills as a second or foreign language.

College Students

Younger professionals who want to set their bilingual career goals ahead of time.


Leaders who want to set an example by learning the language of both their customers and global employees.

General Learners

Anyone who wants to expand their English or Spanish skills for personal or professional development.

How does MLW help you achieve your LANGUAGE SKILLS?

We customize our approach to your own learning style!
Personalized language classes for those seeking to master Spanish or English.

Step 1

Call, text or email Nury Lara to discuss your language goals and interests.

Step 2

We will assess your Spanish or English language level versus your goals.

Step 3

Agree on a personalized plan and we’re ready to go!

For your lessons...

Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp (or whatever)

HI! I am Nury Lara, a language professional with over 30 years of experience in teaching

I’m a local in the beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. I enjoy teaching Spanish and English on a one-on-one basis or in small groups. It could be online or in-person. After many years of working for both academia and the corporate world, I am now dedicated to helping individuals acquire and improve their language skills.

“If you talk to a man in the language he understands, that goes his head. If you talk to man in his language, that goes his heart” Nelson Mandela

Together we can improve your Spanish/English fluency and put together immersion programs as found in my beautiful Colombia.

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What people say

Because they believed and demonstrated their language learning skills in the real  world.


Kickstarting Your Motivation to Learn Another Language

Taking the first step to start your foreign language learning may just require being a little curious. Maybe just by watching a video, listening to some music, traveling, or meeting a native speaker. Then, you’ll find out if it was just a sparkle for curiosity or your motivation is boosted by willing to learn more.

Become Fully Bilingual?

Maybe… maybe not, but you will become fluent enough to survive in the language and culture you want to learn.