Second or Foreign Language?

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I learned English, French and Portuguese as a Foreign language, but had the privilege of immersing myself within one of them: English.

Not a chance

There’s more to come

When the universe spoke

I’m still following that call

Nury Lara-Niebles

Nury Lara

30+ years’ experience in general facilitation, global onboarding, leadership development, talent management and retention. Broad experience in English & Spanish language instruction, translation and interpretation, academic advising, organizational skills, and learning resources. Passionate about DEI programing & driving initiatives to build an inclusive workplace. Infectious enthusiasm & passion for helping people build their confidence, enhance their self-esteem to bring their authentic self to work.

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Taking the first step to start your foreign language learning may just require being a little curious. Maybe just by watching a video, listening to some music, traveling, or meeting a native speaker. Then, you’ll find out if it was just a sparkle for curiosity or your motivation is boosted by willing to learn more.

Become Fully Bilingual?

Maybe… maybe not, but you will become fluent enough to survive in the language and culture you want to learn.